(2008) Data and Methods in Computer-mediated Discourse Analysis

Jannis Androutsopoulos and Michael Beißwenger (eds.)
Data and Methods in Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis
Special Issue, Language@Internet, Year 5, 2008

Originating in a section by the same name at the 10th International Pragmatics Conference held July 2007 in Gothenburg, Sweden, this collection of articles aims at addressing what we consider a less-attended to area of computer-mediated discourse studies: the need for methodological reflection on data collection and analysis. […] The contributions to this special issue address various aspects of this research agenda; we highlight here some of their common threads and trajectories. In a nutshell, these relate to 1) the use and combination of innovative types of data; 2) the application and extension of Herring’s (2004) CMDA framework; 3) the critical examination of established methodologies; and 4) the combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches. (From tne Introduction.)

Papers by: Jannis Androutsopoulos, Michael Beißwenger, Torsten Holmer, Michel Marcoccia/Hassan Atifi/Nadja Gauducheau, Yukiko Nishimura, Beat Siebenhaar, and Wyke Stommel.