(2014) Mediatization and sociolinguistic change

Jannis Androutsopoulos (ed.) 2014
Mediatization and sociolinguistic change
Berlin, Boston: de Gruyter (linguae & litterae 36)

This is the first volume to focus on the role of media in processes of linguistic change, one of the most contested issues in contemporary sociolinguistics. Its 17 chapters and five section commentaries present cutting-edge research from variationist and interactional sociolinguistics, media linguistics, language ideology research, and minority language studies.
The volume advances our understanding of linguistic change in a mediatized world in three ways. First, it introduces the notions of sociolinguistic change and mediatization to create a broader theoretical framing than the one offered by ‘the media’ and ‘language change’. Second, it takes the discussion beyond the notions of ‘influence’ and ‘effect’ and the binary distinction of ‘media’ vs. ‘community language’. Third, it examines the relation of sociolinguistic change and mediatization and from five complementary viewpoints: media influence on linguistic structure; media engagement in interaction; change in mass and new media language; language-ideological change; and the role of media for minority languages. Bringing these strands of sociolinguistic scholarship together, this volume examines their shared references and common lines of thinking.
Contributions and commentaries by: Jannis Androutsopoulos, Isabelle Buchstaller, Colleen Cotter, Nikolas Coupland, Ana Deumert, Alexandra Georgakopoulou, Andreas Hepp, Josh Iorio, Barbara Johnstone, Helen Kelly-Holmes, Paul Kerswill, Tore Kristiansen, Martin Luginbühl, Vally Lytra, Mairéad Moriarty, Spiros A. Moschonas, Ichiro Ota, Sari Pietikäinen, Ben Rampton, Ulrich Schmitz, Jürgen Spitzmüller, Lauren Squires, Jane Stuart-Smith, Shoji Takano.