(2003) Discourse constructions of youth identities

Jannis K. Androutsopoulos & Alexandra Georgakopoulou (eds.) (2003)
Discourse Constructions of Youth Identities
Amsterdam: Benjamins (Pragmatics & Beyond ns 110).

“Interactions amongst “young” people have time and again formed the data of numerous sociolinguistic studies. However, little attention has been paid to the varying relevance of age in such data in favour of emphasis on gender, ethnicity, and social class. This volume sets out to redress the balance by foregrounding the problematics of youth identity in the context of current sociolinguistic and discourse research on identity construction. Based on detailed empirical analyses, the volume’s 12 chapters offer examinations of how youth identities from late childhood up to early twenties are locally constructed in text and talk. The settings and types of social organization investigated range from private letters to graffiti, peer group talk to video clips, schoolyard to prison. Comparably, a wide range of languages is brought into focus, including Danish, German, Greek, Japanese, and Turkish. Drawing on various discourse analytic paradigms (e.g. Critical Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis), the contributions examine and question notions with currency in the field, such as young people’s linguistic creativity and resistance to mainstream norms. At the same time, they demonstrate the embeddedness of constructions of youth identities in local activities and communities of practice where they interact with other social identities and factors, in particular gender and ethnicity”

Papers by: Jannis Androutsopoulos and Alexandra Georgakopoulou, Werner Kallmeyer and Inken Keim, Vally Lytra, Alexandra Georgakopoulou, Anna-Brita Stenström, Kuniyoshi Kataoka, Mark Sebba, Anita Wilson, Jan Berns and Peter Schlobinski, Peter Auer and İnci Dirim, Catrin Norrby and Karolina Wirdenäs, Tore Kristiansen, Lilie Chouliaraki

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